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Fail Harder: The Power of Push Pins

Fail Harder Wall

Recently I had the wonderful opportunity to hear Jim Lasser, Art Director at Wieden+Kennedy, speak about his creative career path. He amused the audience with tips he called “Lessons Learned”. Some of those lessons included “Remember who you are”, “Do work that blows your mind”, and “You can’t do it yourself”.

The most memorable lesson for me was “Fail Harder!” Lasser preceded to tell us the story behind the 100,000 push pin project that is now displayed at W+K. (Click HERE to see a short film about the Fail Harder Wall.) The lessons behind the words was to GO FOR IT! Go so hard that if you fail, you fail hard.

We all have some fear of failure. It’s this fear that keeps us from pushing the limits. What would happen if we let go of our fear of failure? Think of the limits and boundaries that would be lifted if we didn’t care about failing? This is a lesson that can be applied to all areas of our lives: career, relationships, investments, EVERYTHING!

So what’s the point: Fail Big. NO. Fail Harder!

Below: Mind blowing design of Jim Lasser: Obama Air Force Ones
The shoe on the left is designed to allow you to screen print your own t-shirts. The shoe on the right says: “A black man runs and a nation is behind him.” BANANAS!

Jim Lasser - Obama Force Ones


  1. Great summary!

  2. Interestingly enough when a person is unsure of who they are it becomes increasingly difficult to believe act or move forward with dreams. Love this article for being the great reminder.

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